The Raid on the Mummers' bunker was a mission delegated to agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces during the Galactic Civil War.


While known as a peaceful haven prior to the rule of Palpatine, Naboo became infested with criminal gangs and organizations during the rule of the Galactic Empire. At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Mummers were a strong presence on the planet. Royal Naboo Security Forces authorities had gathered that, in addition to their usual bootlegging, the Mummers were involved in terrorism. RSF officer Harriet Brunser came up with a simple plan to solve this problem: namely, to raid the Mummers' headquarters outside of Theed.

The raidEdit

Brunser dispatched an unknown number of RSF agents to the bunker raid the bunker in a mission consisting of three stages. The objective of the first stage was to thin the Mummer numbers by assassinating some of its most dangerous members. From her command post in Theed, Brunser ordered the RSF agents to specifically aim at killing Mummer Salvers, Toxers, and Banes, whom she considered to be essential to the Mummers' terror operation.

Having disposed of a large proportion of Mummers, the RSF agents were ordered by Brunser to locate and disarm nine dangerous biochemical bombs, which were scattered all over the Mummer base. The bombs were intended to be an integral part of the Mummers' terror operation. Subsequently, the RSF agents received an order from Brunser to locate and destroy the local Mummer leaders, Crimsol Vaighn and Jaye Hawkson. The RSF agents succeeded in assassinating both leaders, and subsequently escaping the base.


The raid left the Mummers severely crippled, rendering them unable to complete their planned terror operations. The RSF agents were recommended and were dispatched on many other missions against the Mummers and the other criminal organizations pestering the lives of the peaceful residents of Naboo.