This article is non-canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

This article covers a Star Wars Legends subject that was published under the Infinities label or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared to be non-canon within the Legends continuity.

An operation was carried out by the Alliance Fleet to prevent the discovery of their base on Hoth.


The Galactic Empire established a space outpost in the Vergesso Asteroids, a region near Hoth. Since Imperial presence was dangerously close, a portion of the Rebel Alliance Fleet, led by Han Solo, led a raid against the outpost.

The battleEdit

The Acclamator-class assault ship Aggressor and the Victory-class Star Destroyer Bombard fell to concentrated fire from Y-wings and Nebulon-B escort frigates. All fire was then concentrated on the main space station and the outpost was destroyed.


The fall of the Imperial outpost ensured the safety of Echo Base, and an Alliance outpost was established in the asteroid field, which was later destroyed in the Battle of the Bajic Shipyards. Vergesso being under Alliance control allowed a raid on an Imperial outpost on Tatooine.


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