"We just wanted to throw some sand in Norrin's face for what he's done to our professions."
Kabalard Vinne[src]

The Raid on the Wroona Stardock took place in 2 ABY. Shortly before the attack, Imperial Governor Norrin of Wroona had declared illegal some Wroonian guilds, including the Guild of Armament Distributors, the Spice Shippers Fellowship and the Contracts Guild. The guild halls were raided by Imperial forces and its members were force to flee Wroona. Kabalard Vinne of the Guild of Armament Distributors decided to take his revenge of Governor Norrin by attacking the Wroona Stardock. The raid began when saboteurs infiltrated the Victory-class Star Destroyer Rampant berthed at the facility and sabotaged its port-most ion drive. The subsequent explosion damaged the ship and the stardock. This was quickly followed by an attack of snubfighters and two capital ships in order to inflict further damage. They were engaged by a squadron of TIE fighters but the Imperial fighters were all destroyed. Vinne's forces eventually escaped into hyperspace.


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