"Keep your distance, Raider two and three! That smuggling ship is better armed and shielded than it appears!"

Raider Squadron was a pirate starfighter squadron under the command of Crimson Jack. The only known squadron leader was Jolli, Crimson Jack's second in command who favored a Y-wing starfighter when leading the group.


"X-wingers…TIE-fighters…every kind of small battle-spacer I've seen!"
Han Solo[src]

After acquiring his battlecruiser, Crimson Jack formed a group of starfighters that were held in the ship's hangar bay. The squadron employed a variety of craft including TIE fighters, X-wings, TIE bombers, and Y-wings. A short time after the Battle of Yavin, Crimson Jack's crew came upon the Millennium Falcon. Raider Squadron was scrambled to disable the craft, and they were able to herd the freighter towards their battlecruisera's tractor beam.

During a second encounter with Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, Solo, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca disabled nearly all the craft of the squadron when they made their escape from Jack's battlecruiser. However, Jolli was able to do quick repairs on three of the craft, and they pursued the Falcon. The limited squadron attempted once again to herd the ship towards their battlecruiser's tractor beam, but Solo's fancy flying eliminated two of the craft and disabled Jolli's Y-wing. Crimson Jack decided to abandon Jolli to her fate in order to concentrate on dealing with Solo. Jolli, feeling betrayed by the abandonment, turned on her own captain and critically damaged Jack's battlecruiser with her damaged Y-wing. The destruction eliminated Jack's pirate crew, and when Jolli suicide bombed the battlecruiser to finish off the ship, the rest of Raider Squadron was destroyed.