Ral Falan was a high ranking Human commander in the Galactic Empire.


Falan was stationed at Bestine IV and was critical to the operation of the planet's oceanic floating shipyards. At some point after the Battle of Yavin, the Zann Consortium took notice of the man's importance and his cache of secrets which they suspected to be "galaxy wide," and assigned a Defiler to put together a squad with the goal of abducting Falan. A Consortium TZ-15 Shuttle landed on the planet and began its assault in broad daylight. The Consoritum's's abduction squad consisted of 9 Droideka Mk. IIs, 2 MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannons, and was led by IG-88. Although Falan was well-defended at the small military base, IG-88's team routed the defenders and turned Falan over to the Zann Consortium as per his contract. Torture droids then went to work on extracting Falan's secrets from his mind.

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