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The Ralltiir system, also known as the Ralltiiri system, was a five-planet star system in the Core Worlds's Darpa sector.[3] Located in the Ringali Shell, a string of systems along the Perlemian Trade Route that was named after the nearby Ringali Nebula,[1] the Ralltiir system contained a single star, Rallt. The first planet in the system was Ockbur, a world of searing rock, and the second planet Ralltiir was a terrestrial planet that was orbited by twenty-eight moons and served as one of the galaxy's major financial centers. The system's third and fourth worlds, Pauc'on and Clascvoria, were both barren rock and were orbited by two moons and one moon respectively, and the fifth planet in the system was the frozen world of Inwil which was orbited by three moons.[3]

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