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Ramana was a female green Twi'lek who lived during the Old Republic era. Ramana was lost in a gamble by a male Twi'lek, Harra, to Doton Het on Telos IV. Ramana was enlisted as a dancer in the Cantina on Telos IV, being made to dance on the stage along side a band made up of Bith. Though Harra eventually wanted Ramana back, enlisting the aid of Meetra Surik who freed Ramana though a wager game of Pazaak. Ramana came back with Surik to Harra, though Ramana would not stay with Harra. Surik allowed her to leave and go wherever she wished, much to Harra's surprise.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alternatively, Meetra Surik decided it would be better to buy Ramana from Doton, and leave her to dance in the cantina, allowing her to return later and collect her earnings.


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