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The Ramesh were a Hutt clan who controlled the Omman system.


After a disagreement with Black Bha'lir over docking taxes, the Ramesh assassinated a member of the Bha'lir Tribunal, and the resulting backlash from the Black Bha'lir wiped out many of the Ramesh. This was the igniting spark of a continuing feud between the Hutts and the Black Bha'lir, remembered by the Bha'lir in a story they called "The Tale of A Tiger and A Worm." The Ramesh eventually lost control of the Omman system to the Black Bha'lir and faded into relative obscurity. The only Ramesh clan Hutt to survive the killings was Kalna the Hutt, who eventually took up residence on Terman Station after no other Hutt Clan would take him in.



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