"How...I thought..."
"I'm tougher to kill than I look."
―Ania and Ramid's reunion above Lasgo Port[src]

Ramid was a Human male captain of a starship who was a former love interest of Ania Solo, a descendant of the smuggler Han Solo. During the last years of the Second Imperial Civil War, he and Ania Solo were imprisoned at an Imperial prison camp on the planet Drash-so. At some point, Ramid and Ania attempted to escape their prison camp. While Ania managed to escape offworld to the Carreras system, Ramid was recaptured, beaten and imprisoned by the guards. Following the defeat the One Sith, Fel Empire forces liberated the Drash-so prison camp and freed Ramid. Due to his experiences on Drash-so, Ramid harbored a deep sense of bitterness and resentment towards his former lover.

By 139 ABY, Ramid had become the captain of a starship that traveled throughout the Outer Rim Territories. That year, an opportunity to settle scores with Ania emerged when the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, the new galactic government, placed a bounty on her head for the alleged murder of the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton. While Ania and her companions were visiting Lasgo Port, Ramid and his crew tricked Ania into coming aboard their starship under the pretext of repairing their damaged engine systems. Once aboard, Ania was kidnapped and imprisoned. Ramid and his crew intended to take Ania to the next inhabited system and hand her over to the Imperial authorities. However, Ramid's plans were thrown into disarray by the arrival of a third party—a mysterious bounty hunter who had been Ania and Ramid's former jailer.

Following a prolonged pursuit over a remote world that rained acid, molten silica, and glass, the bounty hunter succeeded in downing Ramid's starship and killing his crew. However, Ramid and Ania survived the crash and joined forces to evade the bounty hunter and make their way to the planet's sole settlement, where they hope to get a transport offworld. While sheltering under Ramid's speeder bike during a "glass storm", the couple reconciled their differences. Ramid forgave Ania for abandoning him on Drash So while Ania forgave Ramid for kidnapping her. After the storm had subsided, they made their way to the settlement only to come under attack by the mysterious bounty hunter. During the confrontation, Ramid attempted to sever the bounty hunter's prosthetic hand but got his neck broken, killing him. Despite his death, Ania managed to clear her name with the help of the Imperial Knights Yalta Val and Jao Assam.



Ramid and Ania were lovers


"The guard shot you! Would have got me too, if I hadn't kept going... You were...they were dragging you away. There was nothing I could do..."
―Ania's recollections of their escape attempt from Drash-so[src]

Ramid lived during the time of the Second Imperial Civil War, a conflict between the One Sith and their Galactic Empire, and the Fel Empire and their Galactic Alliance allies. At some time, Ramid developed a romantic relationship with Ania Solo, a distant descendant of the smuggler Han Solo and a relation of the future Empress Marasiah Fel.[2] Near the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, Ramid and Ania ended up in an Imperial labour camp on the planet Drash-so. During their time, the two were regularly beaten and mistreated by their Imperial guards, who wielded laser whips. At some point, Ramid and Ania plotted to escape from the labor camp. During their escape attempt, Ramid was shot and wounded by his Imperial captors.[1]

Believing that her love interest Ramid was dead, Ania fled offworld and eventually ended up in the Carreras system. However, Ramid survived the shooting and was thrown into solitary confinement by his Imperial captors. During his incarceration, Ramid was regularly beaten and tortured by the guards who demanded to know Ania's whereabouts and hos she had escape. After holding out for an unspecified period of time, Ramid broke down and told them everything he knew about Ania. The Imperials then followed Ramid's information but were unable to find Ania. Assuming that he had been lying, they had Ramid beaten up again. Following the death of the usurper Emperor Darth Krayt, the Drash-so prison camp was liberated by Fel Empire forces and Ramid was released. Due to his brutal experiences, Ramid harbored a deep sense of resentment and anger towards Ania, whom he believed had betrayed and abandoned him.[1]

Ania being kidnapped

Ramid's crew kidnapping Ania under his orders

Bittersweet ReunionEdit

"This is Ramid, a friend from way, way, way back."
"I think you left out a "way.""
―Ania and Ramid during their reunion[src]

By 139 ABY, Ramid had become the captain of a starship and commanded a crew that included a female Twi'lek pilot and a Nikto crew member. While visiting the spaceport Lasgo Port which was based on a planet surrounded by a dangerous minefield, Ramid learnt that the new galactic government, the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, had imposed a bounty on her head for the alleged murder of the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton. Ramid somehow learnt that Ania was visiting the planet while her assassin droid companion AG-37 was delivering a shipment on his freighter. Ramid saw Ania's visit as an opportunity to exact revenge against his former lover. Ramid and his crew switched off their starship's atmospheric and communication systems and left their vessel adrift in the space minefield.[2]

When AG-37's freighter passed by Ramid's starship, Ramid fired small-bore blaster shots at AG-37's freighter. Ania and her crew thought that a meteor had hit their starship and sent their Imperial comm droid to repair the surface damage. While doing its repair job, the droid spotted Ramid's seemingly-stricken vessel nearby. Ramid and his crew had switched off their ship's atmospheric and communication systems and donned spacesuits, creating the impression that their starship had broken down in space. After AG-37's freighter came to their aid and docked with Ramid's starship, Ania and her companions boarded the vessel to offer help and assistance. Ania soon encountered Ramid and his crew, and the two former lovers shared a passionate kiss. Ania was surprised that Ramid had survived which prompted the latter to comment that he was tougher to kill that he looked.[2]

After introducing Ramid to her companions, Ania asked them whether they needed assistance, offering her Mon Calamari engineer Sauk's services and even a lift somewhere. Ramid claimed that his ship's net isolater had been damaged by a space mine, which fried the starships' systems. Since their deflector shield generator was down, they were unable to travel through the orbital minefield and had to wait for assistance. Due to her skills as a junk dealer, Ania was able to deduce that Ramid's starship needed a couple of new parts for the integration circuit. She then sent Sauk and her other companions AG-37 and the Imperial Knight Jao Assam back to AG-37's freighter to procure spareparts. When Ania was separated from her companions, Ramid claimed that he had something to talk to her about and led her into his starship.[2]

The KidnappingEdit

"Sorry, Ania. The time for explanations is long gone."
―Ramid, after taking Ania captive[src]
Ramid starship

Ramid's starship crashing on a remote world

Once Ania was safely aboard, Ramid's crew sealed the docking hatch and flew away from AG-37's freighter. Ramid's Twi'lek pilot and Nikto crew member then grabbed Ania from behind, restraining her and locking her in a makeshift holding cell. Before jumping into hyperspace, Ramid's ship opened fire on several nearby mines in an attempt to destroy or delay Ania's companions. However, Ania's companions managed to survive the attack and quickly realized that Ania had been kidnapped.[2] On Ramid's starship, Ania was locked in an improvised holding cell. When a Nikto crew member brought her refreshments, she demanded to see Ramid. When the guard refused, she hit him in the abdomen with a metal rod and made her way to the cockpit to confront Ramid.[3]

However, Ania was quickly overpowered by Ramid's Twi'lek pilot who restrained her with a blaster rifle. At that point, Ramid resurfaced and forcibly led Ania back to her cell. When Ania protested and demanded and explanation for his actions, Ramid expressed his anger towards her for leaving him behind at the Imperial prison camp on Drash-so. He also revealed that wanted to collect the Triumvirate bounty on her head as revenge for her alleged betrayal on Drash-so. When Ania denied killing the Imperial Knight, Ramid refused to believe her and told her to be thankful that he and his crew were taking her to the authorities alive. Ania tried to explain her side of the story but Ramid furiously slammed the door in her face, leaving her in her holding cell.[3]

After dealing with Ania, Ramid returned to the cockpit only to learn from his Twi'lek pilot that they were short on fuel. The pilot explained that their cold hyperspace jump had consumed more fuel than they had expected. Short on fuel, Ramid and his crew decided to land on the fourth world of an unnamed star system, which was home to a small outpost. This planet was an inhospitable planet with clouds that contained acidic vapor and rained molten silica or shards of glass. Despite the inhospitable nature of their destination, Ramid's crew had few choices due to the remote location of the star system. While descending into the planet's surface, Ramid's freighter was attacked by a TIE Bomber, a relic from the Galactic Civil War. Due to the poor quality of the ship's deflector shields, the smaller and more maneuverable TIE Bomber inflicted damage on Ramid's ship, killing his Twi'lek pilot.[3]

Bereft of a pilot, Ramid dragged Ania out from her cell and forced her to land his ship. At the helm of Ramid's freighter, Ania struggled to land the heavy ship while dodging laser blasts from the TIE Bomber. Following a steep dive, Ania landed Ramid's freighter, damaging the cockpit and killing Ramid's Nikto crew mate in the process. Ramid was alive but unconscious and wounded. A mysterious bounty hunter than emerged from the TIE Bomber, which had landed nearby, and demanded that Ania surrender.[3] After sending a medical droid to treat the wounded Ramid, Ania confronted the bounty hunter and temporarily incapacitated her with a blast to her helmet. Ania then fled into the planet's wilderness but was shortly later recaptured by the bounty hunter.[4]


"Thanks for the help but--"
"Shut up and get on the bike before she [the bounty hunter] comes to! I'm the best option you have."
―Ania and Ramid, when the latter rescued Ania from the bounty hunter[src]
Ramid attacks bounty hunter

Ramid attacks the bounty hunter

Having regained consciousness, Ramid left his starship on a speeder bike to find Ania. By the time he had found Ania, the masked bounty hunter had captured her and was about to load her prisoner aboard her TIE Bomber. However, Ramid rammed into the bounty hunter with his speeder bike, knocking her unconscious. Ania then grabbed the bounty hunter's blaster pistol and pointed it at Ramid, still distrusting him. However, Ramid convinced her to come with him since he was "the best option" that she had.[4]

Due to a "glass-storm", Ramid and Ania were forced to take shelter under the latter's speeder bike. During that time, Ania and Ramid reconciled their differences. When Ania asked Ramid whether he could have crashed on a nicer planet, he retorted that he was not the one pilot the ship. Ania's hand was cut by a shard of glass and Ramid urged her to wrap it up. Ramid apologized for his actions and said that hurting her had not been part of his plan. Ania recalled that she had not seen a laser whip since their time at the Imperial prison camp on Drash-so. Ania also confided that there was something eerily familiar about the mysterious bounty hunter she had encountered. Ramid then discussed his plan to travel to the outpost and escape offworld before the bounty hunter caught up with them.[1]

Ania then confronted Ramid on why he had kidnapped her despite knowing that she did not kill the Imperial Knight. Ramid admitted that he had been bitter about her leaving him behind during her escape from the Sith labor camp. Ania explained that she had fled because she thought that Ramid had been shot dead by the guard. She had kept on running because she knew that the guard would have shot her dead. She also had witnessed the guards dragging Ramid away and presumed that he was dead. She then escaped offworld which she admitted was not a proud thing. When Ramid suggested that she could have returned, Ania recalled that the prison camp had been liberated at the end of the Second Imperial Civil War and that there was no way for her to ascertain that Ramid had survived.[1]

Ramid then related how he had been thrown into solitary confinement and beaten up by the guards. The only reason the Sith had kept him alive was because they wanted to know Ania's whereabouts. In the end, Ramid had broken down and told them Ania's whereabouts. However, by then, Ania had fled to the Carreras system so the guards assumed him beaten up further. Ania apologized for the beatings and tortures which Ramid had endured and the two reconciled. As the storm began to deteriorate, Ania and Ramid witnessed several beetles approaching. However, the beetles were not interested in them and proceeded to devour the glass shards. Ania and Ramid then sheltered under the giant beetles.[1]

Final StandEdit

"I hope some day you'll forgive me, Ania."
"I'm not much good at holding grudges."
―Ramid and Ania's reconciliation[src]
Ramid and Ania reconcile

Ramid and Ania reconcile

After the storm had subsided, both Ramid and Ania expressed their relief at being saved by the beetles from the "glass storm." Ramid then announced that they would their journey to the settlement, where they planned to use its comm system to get offworld. Ania agreed to accompany Ramid for the journey after she extracted a promise from him to call her friends and not the Triumvirate authorities. Ramid then expressed his regret on embarking on a foolhardy mission and getting several of his closets friends killed. He acknowledged that his animosity towards Ania had been misguided and asked her to forgive him. Ania forgave him, commenting that she was not good at holding grudges. Ramid remarked that their relationship would have been different without the war but Ania urged him to forget about the past and concentrate on the present.[1]

By this stage, Ania's friends had arrived on the acid rain planet. The assassin droid AG-37 discovered her whereabouts and sent Ania and Ramid's coordinates to Sauk and Jao Assam, who were manning AG-37's freighter. Upon arriving at the settlement, Ramid and Ania found that it had been abandoned. Suspecting something was not right, they split up and went searching through the building for any sign of danger. Ramid then stumbled upon a computer console and found that the station had transmitted a distress call. He then looked outside the window and saw the masked bounty hunter's TIE Bomber parked nearby. Realizing that Ania was in danger, he quickly went to look for her. Meanwhile, Ania had stumbled across the corpses of the settlement's inhabitants, which had been piled in a room. Ania was then ambushed by the bounty hunter who used her laser whip to lasso Ania around the neck.[1]

Ramid then appeared and attacked the bounty hunter from behind. He managed to stab her breathing apparatus with a knife. However, the bounty hunter proved to be a formidable opponent and threw Ramid against a wall. The bounty hunter then proceeded to strangle Ramid, who attempted to break free by stabbing her prosthetic hand. However, the bounty hunter broke Ramid's neck, killing him, and threw him to the ground. Before the bounty hunter could deal with Ania, her Imperial Knight friend Jao Assam arrived on the scene and fought her with his lightsaber. Following a lengthy confrontation, Ania and Jao succeeded in killing the bounty hunter. However, Ania was then arrested by a squad of stormtroopers who took her to Coruscant to face trial for her alleged crime. Due to evidence uncovered by the Imperial Knights Yalta Val and Jao, Ania was exonerated. Ania was greatly hurt by Ramid's death but was able to move on with her life due to her new-found friends. Despite the trouble that Ramid caused Ania, he managed to redeem himself in her eyes by giving up his life while attempting to protect Ania from the bounty hunter, an old enemy from their Drash-so prison camp days.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I got some of my closest friends killed over this. I thought I had a good reason for doing it, but I...I guess I was wrong."
―Ramid reflecting on his treatment of Ania Solo[src]
Ramid and his crew

Ramid and his crew

Ramid was a competent and able starship captain who got on well with his crew members. At one point, he developed a romantic relationship with Ania Solo but this relationship soured after Ania left him behind during an escape attempt from an Imperial labor camp on Drash-so. Due to his horrendous experiences at the Imperial prison camp, he developed a deep sense of resentment and grievance towards Ania for her perceived wrongs. His resentment towards Ania led him to embark on a foolhardy mission to kidnap Ania and to sell her to the Triumvirate authorities for credits. However, the death of his crew at the hands of a masked bounty hunter who was also hunting Ania, forced Ramid to join forces with his enemy. Despite his grievances towards Ania, Ramid found enough place in his heart to forgive her. Ramid then made up for the harm that he had wrought on Ania by dying in an attempt to save her from the masked bounty hunter.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ramid appeared as a major supporting character in Star Wars: Legacy Volume 3—Wanted: Ania Solo, the third story arc in Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2. He was designed by Jimmy Presler, drawn by Gabriel Hardman, and colored by Jordan Boyd.


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