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Ramid starship space

Ramid's starship in space

The spacer Ramid owned a starship around 139 ABY. The starship had a rounded rectangular shape and was equipped with three rear engines. That year, Ramid and his crew used their starship during a successful kidnapping attempt against his former lover Ania Solo, who was wanted by the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Feigning damage to their engine systems, they waited for AG-37's freighter to dock with them. During the meeting, Ramid arranged for Ania to be separated from her companions and then imprisoned her aboard his starship. He and his crew then made a cold jump into hyperspace, which consumed a large proportion of their fuel supplies.

While orbiting a barren planet which rained acid rain, they were attacked by a another bounty hunter, who flew a modified TIE/sa bomber. During the pursuit, Ramid's starship sustained extensive damage and the ship's Twi'lek pilot was killed. Ramid then released Ania and convinced her to pilot and land the ship. Ania succeeded in landing Ramid's starship largely intact but Ramid was knocked unconscious during the landing. His Nikto crew mate also perished during the accident. Shortly later, the mysterious bounty hunter demanded that Ania surrender herself. After sending a medical droid to tend to Ramid, Ania confronted the bounty hunter and succeeded in knocking her unconscious with a blaster rifle. She then fled into the wilderness.

Shortly later, Ramid awoke and left in a speeder bike to rescue Ania. Ramid's ship had been damaged extensively during the crash and was unable to fly. Later, Ania's companions Jao Assam, AG-37, and Sauk found Ramid's starship. AG-37 found a lot of blood on the gangplank while Sauk found that the speeder storage section was empty.