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"Citizens of the Inner and Outer Rim Territories, our exalted and wise Emperor has been forced to put down yet another insurrection in Imperial space. Vicious rebels, using weapons that have been traced to our sector, attacked an Imperial emplacement on Rampa II, wounding and slaying a number of Imperial troops. The Emperor's reprisal has been immediate, and the rebels have been routed and captured. Many civilian lives were lost when the rebel butchers turned their weapons on innocent citizens."
―Sarn Shild[src]

In 3 BBY, citizens of Rampa II staged an uprising against the Galactic Empire. Several Imperial troops were wounded or killed when the rebels attack an Imperial facility, before being routed and captured by Imperial forces. Imperial reports claimed that civilians killed during the incident died when the fleeing rebels turned their weapons on the populace. News of the incident led to citizens of Rampa I also rising up against the Empire, while Imperial Moff Sarn Shild launched a crackdown on smugglers operating in Hutt Space after weapons used in the incident were traced to that sector.