Ramsey Lanclo was a Human male who piloted the starship Chicanery, and owned the modified cooking droid XDL-67. Often shipping legitimate cargo, such as power generators and prefab shelters, he occasionally turned to illicit goods when he was low on credits. At one such time, whilst carrying a cargo of glitterstim, he was boarded by an Imperial Customs frigate. The frigate, captained by a human female named Hewet, attached to the Chicanery via a boarding tube, disgorging Hewet and two accompanying stormtrooper guards. XDL-67 emitted a baritone moan, summoning Lanclo's pet marsupial keon to the cockpit before the Imperials disembarked from the tube. Using the keon as a distraction from his cargo, the droid and Lanclo convinced Hewet to "confiscate" the animal, so Lanclo could avoid making port simply to purchase a permit for the marsupial. Hewet took the animal, to give to her daughter Kora on Yityl.[1]

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