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A Trandoshan[1] hunter called Ramy lived[2] on the moon Wasskah[1] around 21 BBY,[3] hunting down captive Jedi—typically younglings but sometimes Padawans—for sport.[5] He was stationed at the floating fortress, when it was infiltrated by three Jedi—Ahsoka Tano, O-Mer and Jinx—and the[2] Wookiee[6] Chewbacca. When the intruders appeared behind them on a hover pod, Ramy hissed at the group, while Lagon was thrown off the edge of the fortress. The Trandoshans overwhelmed the prisoners, but when Wookiee reinforcements arrived, General Tarfful tossed Ramy out of the fortress.[2] Ramy survived the fall and later traveled to the planet Nal Hutta alongside fellow survivor Krix.[7]

Ramy thrown-WH

Ramy is thrown off the floating fortress

Behind the scenesEdit

Ramy first appeared in Episode 21 of the The Clone Wars animated series—"Padawan Lost"[5]—and was identified properly in the corresponding episode guide. Ramy's name comes from Mary Franklin, the editor of Bantha Tracks and a huge fan of Trandoshans.[1]



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