"Lothal's turning into a junkyard. If things don't get better, I might need to find a new home."
―Lojo, to one of the Spectres[src]

Rance Lojo was a male Ithorian who was rescued from Imperial forces by the Spectres.[1] Following his rescue, the Ithorian was given shelter in the secret rebel settlement known as the Haven.[1] Lojo considered the possibility of seeking out a new home, if the damage done to Lothal by the Empire were to continue unabated.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"People around here aren't going to forget what you did for us."
―Lojo, to one of the Spectres[src]

After being rescued, Lojo expressed gratitude to one of the Spectres for aiding him and his fellow citizens, claiming that the rebels' deeds would have lasting impact and be remembered.[1]

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