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"I'd like you to meet Commander Colt of the Rancor Battalion."

Rancor Battalion was a clone trooper military unit during the Clone Wars, led by the ARC trooper Commander Colt. The unit also included Advanced Recon Force troopers. Prior to the battle of Kamino, the unit's ARCs were tasked with overseeing the training of clone cadets in Tipoca City. During the battle, the Rancor Battalion engaged attacking Separatist Droid Army forces. Under Rancor Battalion ARC trooper Havoc, members of the battalion defended a hangar bay when it was breached by a Separatist trident and Aqua droid units. At the same time, three Advanced Recon Force troopers, led by Rancor Battalion ARC trooper Blitz, were sent to destroy a Separatist trident with a rocket launcher, succeeding. Commander Colt and ARC trooper Havoc were killed, with Blitz and one other commando being the only surviving ARCs.



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