The Rancor Riders was a gang that was based in Tolea Biqua, on Genarius, during the time of the Clone Wars.


The Riders were not a particularly great gang and they were not that good at fighting and could not afford decent blasters. However, Zelice Sturm wanted to test the Heroes of Cularin, so she planned to manipulate the gang into attacking them. She did not expect the gang to win, but she wanted to see how the heroes would react to them. To do this, she persuaded Pindy Streeto, a member of the gang, to feed them false information that the heroes were carrying blaster parts. They were in fact carrying lightsaber parts that they were delivering to the Almas Academy, but the gang did not realize this and attacked anyway and were defeated. Afterward, Sturm helped Streeto to leave the gang and to relocate elsewhere.


Notes and referencesEdit

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