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"Hey! I'm not some greenhorn. They ambushed us, and they did a blasted good job of it."
―Randun Ard trying ensure Tavrak of his skills.[src]

Randun Ard was a Human male Mandalorian mercenary who lived during the Galactic War, where he would fight during the Battle of Corellia.


During the Battle of Corellia Randun Ard and his men were hired by Junia Tavrak of the Sith Empire to eliminate the rebelling Corellian Security Force officers in Coronet City. However, Randun and his squad were ambushed in an attack on the Coronet Spaceport, and Tavrak later enlisted an Imperial strike team to stop the CorSec, despite Randun Ard's assurances that he could do it, if he had been given a second chance.


Randun Ard used a brown and silver Mandalorian armor and a Blaster pistol during his time in the Battle of Corellia.

Behind the scenesEdit

Randun Ard first appeared in the BioWare MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. While Randun Ard does share the last name as the Mandalorian woman, Dalash Ard, it is unclear if the two are related or not.


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