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The Ranger was a Centax-class heavy frigate used by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. It was Jedi General Nejaa Halcyon's command ship during the Battle of Praesitlyn. It was commanded by Captain Quegh. Other crew included Ensign Dejock, Corporal Ram Raders, and Private Slane Vick. In addition to its complement of laser cannons, the Ranger was armed with at least one secondary weapon system: a battery of two MG1-A proton torpedo tubes, fresh from development.

The Ranger fired the opening shot of the battle for Praesitlyn when it unleashed a salvo of unguided MG1-A torpedoes, removing a Separatist warship from the fight. During the battle, it was boarded by battle droids deployed from a skirmisher ship which had attached to its hull. Over one hundred crewmembers were killed, including the medical staff and many engineers, but Halcyon managed to drive the droids off, saving the ship and remaining crew. However, since the damage to the Ranger rendered it unable to participate further in the battle, it was scuttled.


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