The Ranger was a YT-1300 freighter used by the Airam.


During the Galactic Civil War Alliance forces had captured the Interdictor Compellor with the intention of modifying one of their Strike-class medium cruiser Peregrine with Gravity well projectors at the Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Gallofree. After successfully doing so, an Imperial force attacked the facility after witnessing the Compellor's destruction. The Alliance sent X-wings from Rogue Squadron and B-wings from Green Squadron, along with 3 medium transports to evacuate the facility. During the battle the Ranger joined in to provide support against the Imperial starfighters, some of which were TIE Avengers from Avenger Squadron.

After successfully holding of the Imperials. Clan leader Tamaron arranged to replenish the Rebels' Warheads at the Kuras Drift. The Ranger was also present there when rival Airam forces lead by Ilay attacked the Airam base.