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The Ranger X-One defense robot was an outdated defense battle/labor droid, programmed to defend against any hostile attack and protect miners on backwater worlds from primitives, animals, pirates, and the like. Due to its violent programming, the series was terminated during the early years of Imperial reign when the Intergalactic Law Agency was founded.

On the planet Dodz, Jost Ellon located the last remaining Ranger X-One near the crystal mines that was seemingly missed during termination. After joining up with C-3PO and R2-D2, Ellon reactivated the droid and used it to aid the merchants of Dodz against Governor Kugg who used his Destroyer droid against the people when they refused to pay his heavy taxes. After defeating the Destroyer and ending Kugg's reign, the Ranger X-One used up all its core energy and remained on top of a hill as a statue and reminder of its importance to Dodz.

When in deactivation storage, the Ranger X-One was manipulated into a box shape formation and when activated reformed back into its robotic self.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ranger X-One was created by Dave Manak, John Romita and Carlos Garzon.



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