Ranklinge was a planet in the Shelsha sector of the Colonies.


Brightwater: "There's nothing on the southern continent?"
Marcross: "Nothing but a civil war. Been going on for the past ten years."
Korlo Brightwater and Saberan Marcross[src]

Its capital, Ranklinge City, had an Incom Corporation plant on its outskirts that produced I-7 Howlrunners at the time of the Battle of Yavin. The main cities, including the capital and Janusar, were on the northern continent; the southern continent had been embroiled in a civil war since around 10 BBY.


The South Cont's civil war began in 10 BBY. After two years of war, the Galactic Empire sent a couple of diplomats in 8 BBY to mediate the conflict. They didn't manage to solve the war and all Imperial forces eventually left the planet. The civil war was not ended in the months following the Battle of Yavin.

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