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Ranroon was a planet located within the Mortex sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was particularly known for its legendary Queen Indrexu.


Ranroon was a planet of dizzying peaks and clifftop aeries. It was a matriarchal world where ancient traditions were proudly held and outsiders regarded with deep suspicion.[2]


Ranroon was attacked by Xim the Despot during the expansion of his empire circa 25,100 BBY. The planet was the site of a fierce battle where the forces of Queen Hylei Indrexu Cortess resisted bravely against Xim's janissaries. They were eventually defeated but the queen's resistance made her a legendary figure, equal to Xim himself.[2]

The planet was absorbed into the sixth province of Xim's empire, the Far Indrexu, named in honor of the Queen of Ranroon.[2] Xim's treasure ship, the Queen of Ranroon, was also named after her.[3] Since that time, Ranroon inhabitants retaied some of the feel of the rancorous against the Tion Cluster.[2]



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