"You're going to put us out of business, sir. REBJ."
"I wish that were true, but I suspect you're going to be busier than ever. REBJ?"
"Rapid Entry By Jedi, sir. Very handy. You'll be in demand."
―A female Galactic Alliance Guard trooper and Colonel Jacen Solo[src]

Rapid Entry By Jedi was a term used to describe the expeditious, effective, and efficient methods by which a Jedi was able to successfully conduct a search and seizure operation. "REBJ," as it was colloquially abbreviated, was a catchphrase used by members of the Galactic Alliance Guard in reference to a series of raids carried out by Colonel Jacen Solo on Coruscant during the opening stages of the Second Galactic Civil War.


"You want them immobilized?"
"That's the general idea, sir, so they don't detonate anything."
―Colonel Solo and Sergeant Wirut[src]

"Rapid Entry By Jedi" denoted the harmless suppression of potentially dangerous beings by using the Force to incapacitate and subsequently detain them. The procedure it described, abbreviated to the acronym "REBJ," involved the extrication of the door of a barricaded location with minimal damage, and the harmless immobilization of suspected criminals or terrorists, all through the power of the Force.


"Let's try a little REBJ. That's what you call it, isn't it? Rapid entry by Jedi? Okay, here goes rapid…"
―Colonel Solo, as he prepares to perform an "REBJ"[src]
Darth Caedus

Colonel Jacen Solo of the Galactic Alliance Guard, and performer of "Rapid Entry By Jedi"

"REBJs" were performed following a series of terrorist attacks on the galactic capital of Coruscant staged by Corellians embittered by the rapidly deteriorating relationship between their homeworld and the Galactic Alliance. Raids in Coruscant's Corellian Quarter were enacted by the Alliance's secret police, the Galactic Alliance Guard, with one such blitz being carried out in Jabi Town, led by two Jedi: Colonel Jacen Solo and his apprentice, Ben Skywalker. They approached a residence with locked doors, where their scanning equipment identified three individuals inside the premises equipped with heavy ordnance. Sergeant Wirut determined the hostile and uncooperative nature of the occupants and motioned Solo to stay back as he prepared to enter the building and round them up. Solo, however, insisted on assisting, and after confirming with Wirut that abeyance was the desired outcome, used the Force to send a paralyzing jolt into the spinal cords of all three offenders. He then telekinetically blew the locked doors open, thus allowing members of the Guard to enter unabated and apprehend the unconscious criminals. One of the troopers, a female, jokingly remarked to Solo about how his efficient search and seizure tactics would soon put the Guard out of business. She then coined the phrase "REBJ," and when Solo inquired as to its meaning, the female trooper replied, "Rapid Entry By Jedi."

Solo himself later used the term during another raid conducted by the Galactic Alliance Guard in Coruscant's lower levels. During that encounter, Solo used the Force to gain entry into the location, and to remove the blasters from the assailants' hands. He then telekinetically slammed one of them, a female, against the wall and pinned her there until the members of his squad were able to arrest both individuals.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term "Rapid Entry By Jedi" was only used in the second of the Legacy of the Force novels, Bloodlines, by author Karen Traviss.