"Is my report satisfactory, Captain? I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible."
―Raprice to Captain Deyd Llnewe[src]

Lieutenant Raprice was an Imperial Navy officer that served on the patrol ship Vigilant several years before the Battle of Yavin. His commander was Captain Deyd Llnewe.


Lieutenant Raprice was extremely diligent and thorough, paying great attention to detail. Captain Llnewe seemed to both resent and pity his enthusiasm and attitude that border patrol duties were the beginning of some glorious career.

Raprice also had an brief encounter with Han Solo and Chewbacca when they where smuggling Corellian Corvettes to Mako Spince on Nal Hutta. Raprice never realized this although he personally executed two different inspections of the ships. As he was looking for illegal spice instead of smuggled ships he never found anything suspicious. However it turned out that he in fact was inspecting two different Corvettes.


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