This article is about the Black Sun-affiliated vessel. You may be looking for another Raptor..

Raptor was a starship that was used by the criminal organization Black Sun during the early years of the Galactic Empire. Raptor was commanded by the Human Captain Breck and in about 18 BBY, the Black Sun vigo Xizor arranged for the Jedi Knight Jax Pavan to be transported from the planet Mandalore to the installation Kantaros Station aboard Raptor, to which the vessel was set to deliver a cargo of illicit goods. However, when Xizor learned that the Whiplash—a resistance group that Pavan was affiliated with—planned to attack the Imperial leader Emperor Palpatine, Xizor canceled Raptor's assignment and ordered the vessel to stand down, because he did not want the Empire to suspect that Black Sun was having dealings with the rebels. However, the Whiplash-affiliated droid I-5YQ stole Raptor's identification codes and the Whiplash Helix-class light interceptor Laranth subsequently traveled to Kantaros Station while masquerading as Raptor.