"I'd like to see this immortality of yours for myself. Rapt, if you would do the honors?"
Vex, to Raptor and Gust Toruna[src]

Raptor was a female Trandoshan, who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Raptor worked as an enforcer for the Human criminal Vex. During the time of the Clone Wars, a group of couriers that were sent by Vex to collect some illicit cargo were attacked by thugs working for the Hutt Riboga. The only courier to survive was the Twi'lek Gust Toruna and when Vex found him, he had Raptor beat up the unfortunate Twi'lek. Toruna claimed that he had been killed and then brought back to life. To test this, Vex ordered Raptor to shoot Toruna and see if he would survive. Raptor complied and Toruna was killed by the shot.