"You promised they wouldn't be expecting us, that we'd have the element of surprise. That's one reason we agreed. Well- that and the fee. But if security gets tipped off, I'm heading back to the Core and picking up another job."
―Raptor to Magus[src]

Raptor was a fish-like bounty hunter who joined Magus and three other bounty hunters to assassinate twenty planetary leaders at a conference on Rondai-2.


Raptor clothed himself in a cloak and leggings that were constantly covered with slime and grease. His face, too, was slimy and had two gills on either side that would open and close in tune with his breathing. He resembled a large unkempt fish.

Raptor was notoriously known for taking any job. It didn't matter how dangerous or ruthless it would be; as long as the security was down and the fee was up, he'd be on it.

Raptor was killed when a rocket he shot from his Merr-Sonn K21 wrist launcher, was deflected by Jinn back to the bounty hunter.


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