Rashh was a rebellious transport captain who had dealings with Jedi Master Darrin Arkanian. After Arkanian had rescued his apprentice, Corwin Shelvay, from High Inquisitor Tremayne, the pair attempted to rendezvous with Rashh to escape Coruscant. Tremayne intercepted them before they could meet with Rassh, however, and killed Arkanian. Shelvay was able to defeat the High Inquisitor and escape.[1]

By 37 GrS, Rashh had become a captain of a bulk freighter. He modified five Hatchling maintenance droids , replacing one tool hardpoint with a high-powered blaster unit, allowing them to serve as both repair and security droids. He regarded them as a cost-effective and versatile droid, and reported this opinion in version 4.7.1 of Cynabar's Droid Datalog.[2]



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