"When it's not boring, you know that you've failed."
"You're obviously unused to failure."
"You have that right."
―Raslan and Shalla Nelprin regarding a mission.[src]

Captain Raslan was an ex-Imperial officer who had declared allegiance with Warlord Zsinj. He was the commander of the Lambda-class shuttle that transported an intrusion team to the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss still under construction at the Kuat Drive Yards shipyard as well as leading the mission to seize the vessel. He was a successful, logical officer, and was unused to failure.

He complained that "Qatya" made too much noise during her first encounter with a member of the Kuati security aboard the Star Dreadnaught, but was subsequently impressed with her performance as she silently eliminated or incapacitated the rest of their opposition. Raslan would later be killed during the New Republic fleet's attacks on the Razor's Kiss.


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