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Movie rats
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Long tail,[1] keen sense of smell[3]

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"They're stirred up like a rats' nest down there."
Han Solo[src]

Rats were a non-sentient species of small, furry rodents considered vermin by many. They could be found on several different planets throughout the galaxy, including Tatooine. A prong-nosed subspecies also lived on Lotho Minor. Rats were covered in gray fur, they had long, hairless tails and a sharp sense of smell. They would sometimes feed off cadavers and some of them were bred and kept for scientific research.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Rats were quadrupedal, non-sentient rodents[2] covered in a hairy gray coat. A rat had a naked tail that was longer than its head and body combined,[1] and Humans often deemed that tail "ugly."[5] They also had sensory whiskers located on their face.[1] There existed various subspecies of rats, including a prong-nosed one that lived on Lotho Minor. Those creatures had a sharp sense of smell, which allowed them to detect both their predators and potential food sources efficiently. On occasion, they would feed of abandoned corpses. Like many other organics, rats could be killed by a violent punch in the neck.[3]

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

Packs of rats were led by their alpha females, which their whole warrens would follow everywhere.[6] In case of danger, rats would creep in a hole to better hide.[6]


Around 4 ABY, a small group of gray-white rats had made their home in the dungeons of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's palace on Tatooine. When the droid partners C-3PO and R2-D2 were escorted in the dungeons to face Jabba's supervisor droid, three of those rats could be spotted on one set of prison bars.[1]

Rats in the galaxyEdit

"There's a locked grate to keep out rats and snake eyes and other vermin, but maintenance has the key codes."
Benedict Vidkun[src]

In the wider galactic community, rats were generally regarded as vermins.[4] Humans often reacted to the presence of rats with disgust, sometimes kicking them casually,[7] and used their name to refer to contemptible persons.[8] The Directors, a trio of Squib criminals, were compared to "oversized pack rats" by Han Solo.[8] The bartender named Wuher also called a group of scavenging Jawas "tech-rats."[9] Rats were to planetary surface what mynocks were to space.[10]

Various adjustments, such as locked grates, were implemented to prevent them for entering the dwellings through the sewers.[4] They were also fed poisoned grain to get rid of them for good.[11] Additionally, rats were sometimes used as test specimens in laboratory experiments.[12]

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Behind the scenesEdit

During the filming of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, a line on the prop list for the dungeon cell corridor read, "PROPS: Weapons, Dustbin Droid, Animals (4 rats to SB/Y)."[13]



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