"Bring us about, Ratt. You know where we're going."
"Copy, Booster. Setting a course for Orbital mirror Baker Six Tango."
―Booster Terrik and Ratt[src]

Ratt was a male Bith navigation officer serving Captain Booster Terrik aboard the Errant Venture in 44 ABY. During the first ever Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge, Ratt flew the Errant Venture in orbit over Coruscant as it attacked Orbital Mirrors, distracting the Galactic Alliance Sixth Fleet—although the fleet could not return fire, due to the one hundred important governmental politicians aboard the Errant Venture for the sabacc tournament—and allowing a Jedi StealthX wing to launch safely, in order to help Luke and Ben Skywalker on Pydyr.

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