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"Soon, the warlords were dead, and I ruled in their place. It was on Rattatak that Dooku found me, and I him."
―Asajj Ventress, reminiscing on her life on Rattatak[src]

Rattatak[6] was a mountainous[2] planet located in the the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories[1] that was the homeworld of the Siniteen species, who were also known as Rattataki,[4] and the Rattatakian redjacket.[3] Orbited by at least one moon,[2] the Siniteen slaver Hal'Sted was killed by Weequay raiders[5] during a pirate uprising[7] some point prior to the Clone Wars, leaving his slave, a young Dathomirian named Asajj Ventress, orphaned. She was found by Ky Narec, a human[5] Jedi Knight stranded on Rattatak,[8] who recognized her potential and began to train her in the ways of the Force[5] as his Padawan. For ten years, they helped the people of Rattatak, becoming enemies to some but heroes to most,[8] until he was killed while defending a Rattataki village from a Weequay raider assault, leading Ventress to give in to her grief and fall to the dark side.[5] She vowed vengeance and killed the warlords responsible for her master's death, ruling Rattatak in their place. It was there that Count Dooku, seeking an apprentice as filled with hatred as he was, found and recruited Ventress.[8]



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