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The Ravager was a Lancer-class frigate serving the Imperial Navy after the Battle of Endor. It was part of the Rachuk sector fleet under Admiral Devlia and was sometimes paired with the Carrack Cruiser Expeditious.

On a mission with the Expeditious to collect Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor at Vladet, the pair of ships emerged from hyperspace just as Rogue Squadron and Defender Wing were finishing their attack on Admiral Devlia's Grand Isle base. Ravager moved in to engage the X-wings and Y-wings. Both Champion Squadron and Guardian Squadron, as well most of Rogue Squadron, were trying to regain altitude after their ground-attack run, and Ravager neatly caught them in a trap.

In a daring maneuver, Corran Horn had the Y-wings of Warden Squadron he was flying with target his ship instead of closing with the Ravager and coming under her guns. Crucial timing allowed Horn to put the Ravager between him and the torpedoes; though some survivors were rescued by Imperial Intelligence, the ship was sucked down into the planet's gravity well and destroyed.



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