"Xim—I am wedded to you by the lance, forged by the craftiest of all Duin smiths, its handle twined in Raxan seaweed, its vamplate a kiirium mirror like my mail, its shaft a stake for slugs and all their slime, its barb sprinkled with malkite, a deathknell to all who would poison our union."
―An excerpt from The Gleam of Kiirium by Asenec of Crakull[src]

Raxan seaweed was a species of seaweed. In his poem about the Tionese despot Xim, The Gleam of Kiirium the Croke poet Asenec made mention of the seaweed. The character from whose perspective the poem is told, a Duinarbulon Star Lancer, describes their lance as having a handle wrapped in the plant.[1]

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Raxan seaweed supposed to be first mentioned in The Essential Guide to Warfare, a sourcebook released in 2012 written by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart, but they were ultimately cut from the final product. The section including Raxan seaweed was later published as part of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, a series of articles published on the blog starting in 2013.


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