Raxus Prime Hulk Collector

A Hulk Collector on Raxus Prime.

The Raxus Prime Hulk Collector (also called hulk compactor) was a crane-like vehicle that scavenged the planet of Raxus Prime looking for spare parts that could be salvaged. It had been created by Sienar Fleet Systems in order to recondition obsolete machinery in its junkyards. Those hulk compactors used a large, low-powered tractor beam to pick up hulks of junk, and were equipped with heavy armor.

During the Galactic Republic's conquest of the junk world, hulk collectors were a fairly common sight, even being noticed by the Jedi duo Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during their pursuit of CIS scouts. After the chase, they were encountered again during an ambush of a Separatist supply convoy en route to an excavation site.