The Raxus Prime Imperial Shipyard was an Imperial Star Destroyer construction facility orbiting Raxus Prime. The shipyard was defended by a fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers and a group of Star Destroyers of an unknown class. The shipyard was supplied with metal that was launched up into space from the Imperial Ore Facility, located on the planet surface. In 2 BBY, Galen Marek, Darth Vader's apprentice, came to the planet and raided the Ore Facility on the surface. He commandeered the ore cannon and fired it at the shipyard, destroying it.


The shipyard was large and was located in orbit above Raxus Prime. It had many small docks and construction yards on it for constructing the Star Destroyers. Raw metal from the surface of the planet was collected and melted down, and fired by a large ore cannon in the Ore Facility on the surface up to the shipyard, which they used for constructing the Star Destroyers. The shipyard was guarded by a fleet of various Star Destroyers and TIE fighters.


The shipyard was built sometime in 2 BBY[source?] by the Imperial military after the Jedi Kazdan Paratus was killed by Darth Vader's apprentice, Galen Marek. The facility was supplied with raw metal from the surface were an ore cannon launched the metal to the station for them to use to make Star Destroyers. Later, Galen Marek stormed the ground facility, killing all of the Imperial troops guarding it, and commandeered the ore cannon. He shot it at the shipyard, which destabilized it and destroyed it.