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Raxus Secundus, also known simply as Raxus, was at one point during the Clone Wars, the capital of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was a temperate world with grassy hills and many trees.



The picturesque landscape of Raxus

Raxus Secundus was located in the Raxus system, the same star system as Raxus Prime.[2] The planet was the site of the Separatist Parliament during the Clone Wars and was heavily guarded by a fleet of Separatist frigates and battleships. Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri and her family lived on the world during the conflict close to a spaceport in one of the planet's cities.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the episode guide for "Heroes on Both Sides," the relationship between Raxus and the pre-existing Raxus Prime has not been specified, though the two planets were clearly designed to be different from one another.[4]

When asked about any future update showing the placement of the planet Raxus compared to Raxus Prime, Atlas author Jason Fry responded that the appendix works on a system-level and he sees no reason why Raxus and Raxus Prime can't be in the same solar system.[5] Fry later made this connection canon with Raxus's entry in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Episode Guide.



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