Rayne was a Human female who owned Rayne's Dune Sea Outfitters, based in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order.


A native of the Core World of Brentaal IV, Rayne "retired" from Brentaal's Wayward Children, where she had been a route coordinator, and traveled to Tatooine to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. She used her network of contacts within the Core Worlds to establish Dune Sea Outfitters in order to ensure she always met her customers' expectations and needs. Her desire to keep the contents of her warehouse a closely-guarded secret - Rodian guards patrolled at all hours, and no one was allowed into the warehouse - meant that Rayne was the subject of many rumors, despite the outward legitimacy of her business. Much of the merchandise hidden within the warehouse was acquired for shipment by Brentaal's Wayward Children.


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