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"Our governors have been covering for the Separatists— Sheltering funds and funneling money. The capital vaults are packed with Confederacy treasure. But not for much longer."
―Rayt explains his planet's situation[src]

A Human male, Rayt wanted to nothing more than to leave his homeworld by the time of the Clone Wars, an intergalactic war that eventually ravaged parts of the planet, including where Rayt had lived. Grouping with his friends Wes and Bryn Apice, the trio made plans with friends of the Apice's to leave the planet. However, the trio made a detour when they learned that the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic were cleaning out the local banks of their money and treasures. In an attempt to cash in on the treasures during the confusion of a nearby battle, the three friends disguised themselves as clone troopers and made their way to the nearest bank. After surviving several encounters with droids, clone troopers, and anti-Republic civilians, the trio made it to a large bank and began to scavenge what they could. However, the battle having ended, the Republic troops made their way to the bank and began to apprehend the treasures. Rayt, Wes, and Bryn boarded a Republic vessel, still under the guise of clone troopers, and eventually left the planet, leaving Rayt to plan his group's next escape plan.


A Rayt of lifeEdit

"The city's been sacked, I doubt anyone is going to miss a few armloads of loot. That treasure might be our ticket out of here."
―Rayt considers robbing a bank[src]

Born on a planet located somewhere in the galaxy, Rayt believed his world to be a fairly peaceful and normal place. Rayt, a Human male, eventually worked at a bank for some time, and became friends with a co-worker named Trillan Katos, and at some other point befriended the brothers Wes and Bryn Apice. For several years Rayt worked at a local bank, and Katos eventually invited Rayt to have dinner with his family, which comprised of Katos' wife and his two sons. Katos enjoyed Rayt's company enough to invite Rayt back to a dinner again several times. Sometime before or during an intergalactic war known as the Clone Wars, which broke out during 22 BBY, Rayt left his job at his bank. Meanwhile, the world allied itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a major player in the war. The planet's governors began to funnel money to the Confederacy, while keeping other Separatist treasures locked tight in massive vaults.[1]

Arrival of the warEdit

"Trillan— Over here! I know a way out—"
"Die, clone scum!!"
"Wait— What?! No! It's me—!
―Rayt attempting to communicate with Katos, only to be shot at by Mrs. Katos[src]
Rayt against Katos

Rayt was fired upon by the Katos family when they mistook him for a clone trooper.

Sometime during or after 21 BBY, the Clone Wars arrived to the planet in force, as the clone armies of the Galactic Republic, the Confederate's opposition, arrived on the planet to assume control of the planet and empty out the banks of Confederate treasure and money. As the battle raged on, Rayt became less and less enthralled with his world, and blamed the Republic armies for destroying an otherwise tranquil planet. Further disenchanted, Rayt finally decided that it would be best to leave his homeworld altogether. Grouping up with the Apice brothers, who shared Rayt's point of view, the trio planned to rent out a pilot to get offworld. The Apice brothers managed to cut a deal with the owner of a rusted out hauler to get the job done. On the chosen day of departure, the three made their way to their rendezvous point before coming across a massive battleground that was littered with masses of dead clone troopers and destroyed battle droids.[1]

With the way apparently blocked, Rayt began to plan their next move. However, as Rayt decided to muscle through the wreckage, Bryn overheard a Republic broadcast from a communicator calling for all available troops to help with the acquisition of the Separatist resources. Bryn wasn't sure what they meant, and had Rayt explain the actions of their planetary leaders and their deals with the Confederacy. No longer interested in escaping, for the moment, Bryn quickly hatched the idea to raid the vaults themselves, believing that they would relatively unguarded due to the fighting. While Wes is quick to shoot down the plan, Rayt backs it up, considering that it may be a fairly easy task, and that no one was going to miss it, and that they could use the loot to buy their way off the planet. In order to bypass Republic guards, Bryn suggested that they disguise themselves as clone troopers. Wes, however, continued to feel apathetic to the plan, although he complied anyways.[1]

After scavenging corpses for armor, Rayt managed to find a working speeder. They eventually came across a city, where the Confederate droid army continued the fight against the clones. Sneaking by droid and clone sentries, Wes and Bryn attempted to point out the correct location to the nearest bank. Neither knew the way, however, and left Rayt to point out the correct path. Climbing wreckage, the trio overlooked a city plaza which contained a droid cannon an on embankment firing at a group of entrenched clones. In the center of the action, taking cover by a statue, was Trillan Katos and his entire family. Although Rayt initially considered leaving the Katos family to their fate, he ultimately moved out to try and help them. He was quickly apprehended by Bryn, however, who had no intentions of embarking on a suicide mission. Bryn and Rayt argued for a bit while the last of the clones were wiped out. Wes, tired of their arguing, stepped forward with his sniper rifle and shot the cannon's supply of explosive ammunition, which ignited and destroyed the entire embankment. Bryn and Rayt both momentarily gawked at their comrade's shot before jumping over the wreckage to intercept Katos.[1]

As Rayt made his way to the family, Katos' wife noticed Rayt—still dressed as a clone—and opened fire. Rayt tried to identify himself, but she did not hear him. The rest of the family joined in on the attack, prompting Bryn to return fire. Rayt halted Bryn's counter-attack, and the trio made their escape.[1]

Banking off of the ConfederacyEdit

"What's going on in here?
"Umm... We heard the order to fall in. Our squad was taken out en route by a droid cannon in the middle of town. We're all that's left. Sir.
―A clone commander and Rayt, after the former caught the latter plundering a bank[src]
Rayt robbing the Bank

Rayt and friends robbing a bank

Eventually, the tired trio made their way to the nearest bank, which had a hole blown through the entrance. The vault was just inside, opened and prepared for looting. Bryn was quickly transfixed with the place and mentioned that they should've tried robbing the bank years prior, much to Rayt's annoyance. Bryn quickly took to the vault grabbing more than he could feasibly carry. Meanwhile, Rayt and Wes stashed their loot into carry bags. Upon sighting Bryn stumbling with his arm-load of treasure, Wes called him out and reminded him that too much treasure would slow their escape. Bryn, dropping his treasure, quickly began to argue with his brother. Bryn and Wes began to get physical, but before a brawl could break out, a detachment of the clone army arrived, led by their clone trooper commander. Rayt, trying to save-face, claimed that he and the others are the only survivors of the earlier cannon skirmish. The commander acknowledged, informing them that he had just heard of their victory over his comlink, although he didnt know who exactly had destroyed the cannon.[1]

Having cleaned up the rest of the droids, the commander arrived to clean out the last bank of its treasures. The three grab what they can, and along with the rest of the entire clone army, they are marched to the clone's Acclamator-class assault ship, where they deposited the treasure. The ship eventually took off, and left the world behind. Left to idle on the ship, among millions of credits he couldn't touch, Rayt mused over his predicament, noting that while their robbery was unsuccessful, they did manage to get offworld as planned.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rayt stops Bryn from killing thier friends

Rayt stopped Bryn from returning fire towards the Katos family.

Rayt was a generally amiable person, and often presented himself with a level head. Despite such, he wasn't above taking risks if he believed they were necessary or easy to pull. Although Rayt wanted to avoid the war as much as possible, he agreed with Bryn to try and rob a local bank before escaping the planet using the funds they'd acquire. However, pulling the plan included Rayt and his friends raiding the corpses of fallen soldiers for armor to disguise themselves with, something none of Rayt's friends seemed to have a problem with, minus Bryn who couldn't find a pair of armored pants his size. Rayt also commonly served as a voice of reason when it came to Wes and Bryn's continuous arguing, although he never managed to get on either one of their bad sides. A good friend, Rayt eventually decided to risk his life in an attempt to save his old friend Trillan Katos when he was caught in the crossfire of clone and droid forces. Although he considered leaving Katos to his fate, Rayt ultimately chose to help them, even though he was quickly apprehended by Bryn, leaving Wes to save the Katos family. When Katos began to fire at the group, he opted to run as opposed to return fire, as Bryn attempted to.

Upon arriving to the bank, Rayt wasn't particularly greedy, and only attempted to fill his carry bag, as opposed to overflowing his arms with treasures, like Bryn. When the group was caught in a bind when cornered by a clone trooper commander, Rayt was fast with his words, telling the trooper the truth while hiding their actual identities, buying the trooper's trust. In the end, he was bothered by the fact that he and his friends may not get escape the Republic troops without giving away their disguise, although he was content with the fact he was able to escape his planet.[1]

Rayt had black colored hair which he kept short in a kind of flat-top style, along with sideburns. Rayt had light colored skin, and brown eyes.[1]


When Rayt went undercover as a clone trooper, he scavenged Phase II clone trooper armor from a dead clone, which was customized with several blue markings, along with blue shoulder pads. For a weapon, Rayt found a discarded DC-17 hand blaster with a barrel extension which he carried with him while disguised. He never got to fire the weapon during his adventures, and eventually disposed of it before boarding a Republic cruiser. Rayt was also proficient with speeder piloting, and managed to find a working speeder hidden amongst a devastated battle field. The speeder was a dull dark-green color, and had a lighter interior. He later used a carry bag to store his stolen treasure in.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rayt and his friends were created by Jeremy Barlow for his short-story This Precious Shining. Rayt was illustrated by Matthew Fillbach and his brother Shawn, with colors done by Ronda Pattison. This Precious Shining was one of four stories compiled into the seventh volume of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures trade paperback series. Rayt later received brief mentions on the Databank and in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. Both mentions were under articles for the Apice brothers.[1]



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