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Raze's Organization was a information brokering organization, led by Raze himself.


In 0 ABY, Raze's Organization learned of 4 Imperial cargo ships passing nearby its base and prepared to hijack them. However, double agent Wyl Tarson tipped off the Rebel Alliance about the cargoes and was able to capture them.

After discovering that Tarson was a rebel spy, Raze rendered him unconscious and implanted a bomb in his head together with a comlink. Raze then sent Tarson and Laynara to meet with his associate, Sardoth, and destroy the Imperial computer, The Hub, on a mission to Ahakista.

The mission turned out to be a complete failure with Sardoth killed by Darca Nyl and Tarson becoming an agent of Darth Vader, leading the Empire to his base on Per Lupelo and destroying it.