Razhak were a non-sentient worm species found on the planet Ilum in the Unknown Regions.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A species of worm that burrowed deep within the walls of the sprawling tunnels that honeycombed the planet Ilum, the razhak were fearsome predators with armored plating across their broad, flat bodies. Having no limbs, the razhak propelled themselves using strong muscle ridges that were protected by thick, chitinous plates. Segmented antennae on their head served in place of eyes and olfactory organs in the dark depths of the planet, while a maw lined with many rows of serrated teeth denoted their carnivorous nature. Traveling through life alone, the razhak were swift and agile, and could raise their bodies up like serpents when preparing to attack their prey. Generating intense heat, razhak could burrow through ice by melting it, or sear opponents with their exposed flesh.


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