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Small Fighter

A birdseye view of the Razorshark.

Razorshark was a Wyndham Systems small fighter owned and operated by Egot Pai-4-Yem. The ships could usually be found in its hangar in the back of Egot's warehouse, and was once used as an escape craft when the local police forces of the planet Harridan raided the warehouse. He soon took the Razorshark to the small moon of Harridan where he hid, waiting for the group of Rebels who had accidentally led the police to his warehouse. After he saw them leaving the Titan, Egot commenced fire on the rebel ship. Though he had no real hope of defeating the rebel ship, he had been driven nearly mad with anger. While he was performing this attack, the Titan came to stop him and captured the Razorshark in its tractor beam, allowing the rebel ship to jump to hyperspace.