RePlanetHab was one of the many major corporations after the Yuuzhan Vong War to use their influence in the Galactic Alliance Senate to steal worlds from refugees. Han Solo tried to foil them during the Dark Nest Crisis by trying to get Cal Omas to annul one of their claims to a world, but Omas stalled and RePlanetHab kept on going forward.

One of RePlanetHab's tactics involved attacking other scouts while charting new worlds. This was used many times against the Ithorians, who would be forced to flee, as they refused to claim a planet which was won through force.

Just before the Crisis began, RePlanetHab was going to try and buy off Three-Eye's pirates, as he had cut their supply shipments by fifty percent and had the run of the Maltorian system, which had a mining operation supervised by the rehab conglomerate.

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