"In an effort to weaken the Empire's war machine, the Rebel Alliance takes the initiative by launching a series of strikes against Imperial military targets. It hopes to disrupt its military production and supply operation."
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Rebel Alliance Operation: Quick Strike was a campaign fought by the Alliance to Restore the Republic against the forces of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. The missions depict engagements involving both Rebel attacks and Imperial reprisals, ranging from strike missions to rescue missions.

Battle missionsEdit

Attack on Imperial Factory DrekkerEdit

VSD Inexorable has to defend the Drekker Industries Special Materials Factory Drekker in the Yerej system from Rebel FRG Meteor and its Z-95 Headhunter starfighters.

Ambush of Rebel Supply Recovery from Obran ClusterEdit

Imperial ETR Trap Door has deployed a minefield around a rebel supply cache in the Obran Cluster and Gunboats ambush Rebel forces that come to recover the supplies with Heavy Lifter group HLF Beetle.

Attack on Tortali PlatformEdit

The Imperial supply platform in the Tortali IV system comes under heavy attack from Rebel starfighters and STRKC Huntsman comes to its aid.

Ambush Arms Smugglers near Ytha'ac ClusterEdit

Rebel Cargo Ferry group Rongo receives a shipment of stolen Imperial munitions from Airam smugglers (two ships of CARG group Fanir) in the Ytha'ac Cluster when Imperial Gunboats, Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports and TIE Avenger starfighters arrive to reclaim the containers.

Interdiction of Starfighter DeploymentEdit

ISD Dauntless has arrived at Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Sentinel in the Gaerboud system to receive newly produced TIE Avenger starfighters. Rebel starfighters attempt to destroy the TIE Avengers while they are being flown to the Dauntless by untrained workers. If the Rebel starfighters are unsuccessful in destroying enough "TIE Advanced" then their last option is to send in the frigate Rehz'nor which will send X-wings and Y-wings in an attempt to destroy the Dauntless.

Attack on Rebel Convoy near AthegaEdit

Imperial fighters attack Rebel CR90 corvettes (eleven ships of CRV group Athega) as they move through the Athega system.

Rescue from Imperial Prison Ship DargonEdit

In an attempt to free Rebel and Bothan spies, Rebel forces including CRS Columbia and ATR Typhoon attack the Dreadnought Dargon which is defended by VSD Callisto and TIE Avenger starfighters.

Hit and Fade on Elliirad PlatformEdit

During a starfighter attack against an Imperial Cargo Transfer Station in the Elliirad system the Rebels use Escort shuttle Upsilon with its feigned Imperial registry to deploy a demolition team to the platform in an attempt to sabotage the facility. During the attack, a number of Imperial freighters come under attack as well, namely the Cargo Ferries (CARG) Slainte, Lesyta, Rugin, Tanyay and the Modular Conveyors (CNVYR) Posi, Mhath, Luung and Weema.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Quick Strike" is a "Battle" in the Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter computer game, i.e. a set of eight different missions grouped together without forming a coherent campaign; Battles do not follow a storyline and the missions have no clear chronological order.

Although the occurrence of the individual missions can be considered canonical, the outcome naturally depends on the player's actions. Therefore, the actual canonical outcome of each mission is unclear. It is safe to assume that no side achieved a lasting effect (such as the destruction of a starship) over the course of the Battle.

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