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The Rebel Four were a small Rebel Alliance group consisting of four members. It included Falaem Onn, Grimgrim, Soo Rcharrz, and their leader, F4-MF.

On a mission to Vatleria, the Rebel Four attacked an Imperial stronghold. However, unaware to the group, this was a trap set by Darth Vader. The group were attacked by an array of traps set by the Imperial and did not survive the mission.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Rebel Four is a parody of the Fantastic Four. All the members died with a death that resembled their superhero counterparts. Each team member was reminisant of a Fantastic Four member; F4-M4 being a parody of Reed Richards, also known as Mr.Fantastic, Grimgrim being a parody of the Thing, Falaem Onn being a parody of the Human Torch and Soo Rcharrz being an obvious parralel to Sue Richards, also known as the Invisible Woman.