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Alliance Intelligence, also known as Rebel Intelligence or sometimes as Rebel Alliance Intelligence, was a branch of the Alliance to Restore the Republic responsible for obtaining and analyzing military, diplomatic and economic information about the Galactic Empire and reporting such information to the relevant branches of the Alliance.[12] By the Battle of Scarif, General Airen Cracken was the Chief of Rebel Intelligence,[4] and he still held the position at the time of the Battle of Endor.[3]


"Rebel Intelligence is identifying more resistance cells every day. Our strategy is to observe them from a distance."
Bail Organa to Mon Mothma in a letter in 5 BBY[src]

Between 19 BBY and 18 BBY, Rebel Intelligence was formed during the early days of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano took over command of Intelligence after she was recruited into the rebellion.[2] Intelligence's strategy was to identify and observe emerging resistance cells and determine whether they were competent in disrupting Imperial operations and remaining hidden. Senator Bail Organa regarded it as cruel, but necessary, as the Empire could easily destroy amateur groups and compromise the entire organization Organa and Senator Mon Mothma were attempting to create.[7] During the rescue of Kanan Jarrus between the crew of the Ghost and Phoenix Squadron against the Empire, Tano informed the Ghost crew that the strategy had changed.[13]

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