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Tie intro 01

The rebel station is attacked.

"This Rebel stronghold has no hope of escape. Commence the attack!"
Vice Admiral Thrawn[src]

The Rebel stronghold was a Rebel platform located near a planet in the Outer Rim Territories that soon came under attack by an Imperial fleet under the command of , then, Vice Admiral Thrawn and Lord Vader in 3 ABY. In the ensuing battle, the station was destroyed. All Rebel units at the station were wiped out, including two fighters that were pursued by two TIE Interceptors and were shot down.

Tie intro 02

The rebel station is destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The station's events take part as the Intro Scene for the game. The station has never been named.

The Intro scene has 2 different versions; the first version consisted of a short battle that showed an attack run on a parked X-wing by 3 TIE Interceptors while a turret tries to shoot them down unsuccessfully. The cutscene then shows the station continually exploding to the point where one of the bays then separates from the station while exploding, the two fighters that try to escape are two X-wings.

In the Collector's edition, the attack run made by the Interceptors is done at a distance, then a TIE Bomber makes a bombing run on the X-wing with the Turret, firing different projectiles at the bomber. The station explodes at least once or twice, nothing more, and the two fighters in question that try to escape are an X-wing and an A-wing.