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Rebels Recon is a series of behind-the-scenes YouTube videos produced by that looks at each Star Wars Rebels episode and movie. It discusses the characters and events of each Rebels episode and is hosted by Andi Gutierrez, a social media correspondent working for Lucasfilm.

Each video includes interviews with core Lucasfilm Story Group including Pablo Hidalgo, David Filoni, and Henry Gilroy, among others such as the voice cast or concept artists. They frequently discuss not only the development of each episode but how it ties in to the wider Star Wars mythos and past history of the Legends continuity. For example, when the Interdictor cruiser is introduced, Hidalgo discuss how it was first introduced in an RPG by West End Games, then in the Timothy Zahn Thrawn trilogy, and how they chose to adapt it into the new canon with this TV series. Each episode concludes with Hidalgo answering a fan question submitted through Twitter from the preceding week.

Each of the video series also includes a short video skid starring Chopper, a character from Star Wars Rebels.


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