"Ok. Well, this is awful."
"What? It's some of my best work."
―Garazeb Orrelios and Sabine Wren[src]

The rebels TIE fighter, nicknamed "Sabine's masterpiece," was an Imperial TIE/ln space superiority starfighter, piloted by Baron Valen Rudor, that was stolen by Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios, two members of a rebel cell on the Outer Rim planet Lothal. The two rebels used the fighter to attack an Imperial Troop Transport that was carrying Imperial prisoners, who the rebels were able to liberate.[11] The two rebels lied to their leaders, Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, by saying that they purposefully crashed the fighter, but in reality they hid it elsewhere on Lothal. Sabine Wren, an artist on the crew, was told about it and painted the fighter, and she considered it some of her best work. The fighter was later used as part of a mission to rescue Jarrus from Imperial captivity.[4]


Stolen Gozanti over Mustafar

"Sabine's masterpiece" docked with the Transport Ship 63378 over Mustafar.

While on a simple supply run, this TIE Fighter was under the care of TIE pilot Baron Valen Rudor, until it was hijacked by Zeb and Ezra when they were on the run from stormtroopers. Flying blind with fruit juice covering the ship's visor, they flew away from the town of Kothal and across the open fields of Lothal. When Ezra and Zeb told Kanan about the TIE, he told them to get rid of it as stealing a TIE could attract unwanted attention and the Empire could be tracking it.

After dismantling the locator beacon, Ezra and Zeb flew all the way to the Rebel rendezvous point when they spotted trouble at a farm owned by Morad Sumar; friend of Ezra's parents. They used the TIE to rescue the farmers and help them escape from the Imperials. They later continued on their way to regroup with the Rebels. Zeb and Ezra claimed that they crashed the TIE Fighter they stole on purpose but in fact they hid it in a secret place where Sabine got hold of it and decorated it in graffiti artwork and Rebel colors.

The TIE Fighter was used in the Rebels' mission to rescue Kanan, who was being held prisoner aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, in orbit over Mustafar. They remotely piloted the TIE Fighter aboard the ship and once inside, released an electromagnetic pulse that rendered the Sovereign powerless. As the ship began to blow up, Hera, Zeb and Sabine used the starfighter to escape while Ezra and Kanan used the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced and regrouped with the Transport Ship they stole and escaped to hyperspace with a fleet of other rebels.



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