FANDOM is a website that strives to be the central destination for all things Star Wars collecting. Rebelscum provides the latest in collecting news, with topics ranging from Hasbro action figures to Gentle Giant statues. The site features up-to-the-minute news and images, coverage of Star Wars conventions, several product databases, countless reference galleries and archives, and more.


In 1996, Philip Wise started the website "Philip's Star Wars Toys, Pictures and Thoughts." Eventually, with the help of Chris H. and the release of The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, the site grew into Rebelscum, one of the most well-known and heavily trafficked Star Wars collecting news sites on the web.

Wise and Holoka still run Rebelscum today with contributors Dustin Roberts, D. Martin Myatt, Jay Shepard, Grahame Wright, and Chris Wyman, and the technical support of Paul Pritchard. The staff of sister site also write for Rebelscum. These writers include Eric Geller and Mike Barrick.

Rebelscum features the world's most comprehensive Star Wars collectibles photo archive featuring images and information provided by D. Martin Myatt, Chris Wyman, and former staffer Dan Curto.

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